I am an independent filmmaker based in the West Midlands with a keen eye for visual and artistic storytelling. Movement or being moved is at the heart of my work and I am passionate about transferring these skills across screen dance, drama and documentary.

My family’s encouragement has always been my driving force, echoing an upbringing of humble beginnings to growing a passion in capturing extraordinary people and places on film. In my fathers words, “studying can’t teach you everything, experiences do” and my work has taken me across the globe, where I’ve had the privilege to discover and capture extraordinary stories.

My artistic background started as an amateur dancer in Bharata Natyam - South Asian dance. This practice grew my skills in visual storytelling and placed me on the path to experiment with rhythm, movement, narrative and film. I am fascinated in finding new ways of visually interpreting dance and deconstructing movement to it’s simplest form and spent my university years learning how to print and animate directly onto 16mm celluloid film. This saw the released my first short film “Kita’ in 1998.

Based in the West Midlands, I am now an established director, producer and programmer, creating work inspired by cultural and historic movements across the globe. My work has received awards from Creative England, BFI NETWORK, Arts Council England and Heritage Lottery Fund where I have produced award winning work in screen dance, documentary and short film.

From casting Somalian young women as Suffragettes, to choreographing learning disabled ballet dancers and discovering matriarch communities in Vietnam, I am continually exploring artistic and cinematic ways of using moving image to make thought provoking films reaching an international and diverse audience.