Screen Dance


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Screen Dance

Be moved in film


“So what is screen dance exactly” – My work is a hybrid where film and dance merges together. A space where you can equally share your artistic language and work together to create new ones. For me, it’s essentially about collaborating and lends itself to a wide range of conceptual and digital possibilities. These works are usually site specific, cinematic and most of all moving.

Growing up in Blackburn, my background in film began at school and flourished over many years of filming and performing at Hindu festivals. Each performance was recorded using a VHS camera, usually in uninspired venues with bad lighting and shaky camerawork. I was always disappointed watching them back, finding the essence of the performance being lost in transition.

I wanted to explore how the camera could capture and relay the intricate rhythms and complex meanings of Indian classical dance and how choreography could be recreated through editing. This un-ravelled a body of work discovering the collaborative, cinematic and visual storytelling possibilities of screen dance. I work with dance, landscapes and objects, to explore how movement or being moved can be captured in film and I transfer this methodology across moving image, drama and screen dance.

My screen dance work has reached global audiences, toured festivals and reached over 1.2 million broadcast audiences. This collection presents a ground breaking trilogy placing disabilities on an international platform, followed by a series of innovative shorts from the autobiographical to the experimental.